Choosing Compassion


Choosing Compassion – A two-word title. The first of these two words : choosing. It is often said that “to choose is to give up”. But here, choosing is rather deciding… deciding to adopt a particular state of mind, a particular way of being, a particular attitude. In fact, here, it is deciding to train our mind in compassion, the last of the two-word title.

But what do we mean by compassion? The etymology of this word brings us back to compassiun – “I suffer with”, a kind of predisposition to perceive, recognize and even feel the suffering of others and to try to remedy it. Nowadays, many see it as a synonym for concern, solidarity, empathy, or mercy, commiseration, even pity. For Buddhists, compassion [karuņā in Sanskrit – nyingjé in Tibetan] constitutes one of the four immeasurable qualities, defined by the wish that all sentient beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering. [Ref.: Wikipedia, RigpaWiki]

During the two days we will spend together, we will see when and how each person can decide, individually and for herself, to train her mind in compassion towards others and towards herself.

Together, we will have the opportunity to view short video teachings stemming from Tibetan Buddhism, but whose content is perfectly adapted to contemporary life. Oriented to help us Westerners practice compassion on a daily basis, we will see that these teachings are easily integrated into everyday life, in a very personal way.

In addition to viewing such video teachings, this weekend will include presentations by three facilitators, Manon assisted by Gisèle and Marion, moments of individual or group reflection, periods of guided contemplation, opportunities for meditation and space for questions and discussion. Certainly, specific practices of compassion – described and carried out together – will remain at the heart of those two days.

Everything that everyone can take away from this weekend is based on the certainty that we can all train our minds, in the same way that it is possible to train physically and mentally for the practice of a sport, an art, a job or a hobby: it’s a fact. Ultimately, we are responsible for our mindsets and we can transform them through training.

Welcome to the gymnasium of the mind!


Please note that this event is offered in French only... so please have a look on the French language page for more information.