Meditate According to the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition *


Isn't there a better gift to give ourself this year,
more profitable, more inalienable…
than taking time to learn how to meditate?
Once this gift has been received, no external force can take it away from us;
and if, by inadvertence, we come to lose it,
whatever the reason, we can always regain it.


By following the path that meditation clears in our mind, we establish contact with our true nature. Of course, countless thoughts will continue to pass through this mind but, thanks to the transformation of our attitude towards them, they will cease to disturb us, to obsess us; the train of our thoughts will slow down and, gradually, they will calm down, allowing us to discover the peace and clarity that have always inhabited us.

Every sentient being is inextricably linked to all other sentient beings. The principle of interdependence is one of the key words of Buddhist philosophy. Through the effect of our own transformation, that of our mind, our habits, our attitudes, our tendencies, in one way or another, the living beings to which we are connected will also be affected. And to multiply the beneficial effect of our own metamorphosis, we can always dedicate the merits of our practice to the benefit of all sentient beings, as prescribed by the Buddhist tradition.

To ensure its survival, our world must change. On our human scale, as Mahatma Gandhi said, let us be the change we want for this world. To get there, it is worth resolutely taking this path that meditation clears in our mind. With great joy and anticipated pleasure, we invite you to walk this path with us. Join us to learn how to…

… meditate according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Consisting of an unmissable intensive weekend, followed by a series of optional practice sessions that everyone can attend at the pace of their availability, this new course is offered to everyone, for free. In a few words, here is an overview of what will make up the weekend menu in the form of questions to which the instructors, Manon and Marion, will answer with attention:

  • On Saturday: Why meditate? & How to meditate : The first steps of meditation

     By answering these questions, everyone will be able to begin to practice.

  • On Sunday: How to meditate : The subsequent steps & How, concretely, to undertake, to establish our practice well and, above all, to persevere?

Throughout these two days, during sitting periods on chair or cushion, the facilitators will pay particular attention to the physical posture of those present, knowing that body and mind can become sources of mutual inspiration. If necessary, each participant will be able to receive individually their practical advice in order to correct their posture defects, or simply to improve their comfort and ease.

*Photo: Meditation in front of the window of a suite in Dzogchen Beara, with a view of the horizon between sky and ocean

Please note that this course is offered in French only... so please have a look on the French language page for more information.