Practical Wisdom

Practical wisdom and compassion teachings


The wisdom and the compassion taught by the Buddha, how can we integrate them into our daily lives? How can we translate into action the presence and the awareness that we cultivate on our meditation cushion? In concrete terms, how can we use all the diversity of our daily activities to deepen our understanding of reality as it is, of shunyata, of impermanence, of interdependence and how can we take advantage of the everyday life to strengthen and stabilize our Vue ?

If we really want to progress on the spiritual path, there is no more time to lose. From now on, we must bridge the gap, not to say the chasm, which often grows between our study, our practice and our daily routine. How ? By opening the door to this… Based on the wisdom of the buddhadharma, the practical wisdom teachings left to us by Sogyal Rinpoche offer a rich array of advice and skillful means to help anyone who wishes to integrate, for the benefit of others, the dharma in his life.

This is how this new course, Practical Wisdom, presents itself as an introduction to the teachings on wisdom and compassion at the heart of activity. To get the most out of it, participants should have a basic understanding of the mahāyāna principles and a confident experience of meditation and compassion practices.

Please note that this course is offered in French only... so please have a look on the French language page for more information.