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Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre

Rigpa is an international network of retreat centers, gathering places, and study and practice groups offering the teachings of the Buddha to anyone who wishes, in a way that is in the tradition of an authentic lineage, while remaining highly relevant to our times and beneficial to all our contemporaries. In its multiple centers around the world, Rigpa International offers courses, lectures, workshops, seminars and periods of retreat, as well as a complete path of study and practice through each stage of the teachings of the Buddha.

In Canada, Rigpa has given rise to a small study and practice group, a sangha made up of just under sixty lay people of all ages. Almost all members of this family, although united around Buddhist study and practice, reside all across the Québec, scattered in several of its regions, from the Laurentides to Gaspésie, from Montérégie to Mauricie.  And Montréal remains their home base; there lies the heart of Rigpa Canada. The center is located on boulevard Saint-Laurent. The sangha meets regularly, both online via the Internet and in situ.

Over the seasons, Rigpa Canada takes every opportunity to offer courses spread over a certain number of weeks, special trainings concentrated in one or two weekends and sometimes longer periods of intensive meditation practice.

Over time, we learn and practice meditation of calm abiding and meditation of clear seeing, shamatha and vipashyana, we cultivate compassion for ourself and for others, we embrace death with confidence by diving our gaze in the mirror it presents to us, we train our mind to transform suffering and happiness into enlightenment, or even, very humbly, we try to integrate into the gestures of daily life the wisdom developed on our meditation cushion... All of this we do together. Welcome !

: a community of practitioners following the teachings of the Buddha

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