Calm and Clear... in Québec City

Annual Autumn Retreat


Meditation as taught by the Buddha is much more than a stress management method that promotes well-being in everyday life. The real purpose of meditation is to discover our true nature, who we really are, and thus access the lasting happiness of enlightenment.

This path to enlightenment begins with meditation to quiet the mind, allowing our true nature to gradually manifest. We could call it calm and clear meditation. It's a unique way to spend time with ourself, to make friends with ourself, and to begin to lift the veil on who we really are.

With anticipated joy, we offer you a whole week of calm and clear meditation, away from the hazards of daily life and its multitude of obligations, resting in the hushed atmosphere of a monastery. A whole week dedicated to observing our mind, to familiarizing ourselves with our mind, to taming it, to transforming it. And since body and mind can become sources of mutual inspiration, special attention will be paid to physical posture during all sitting periods. If necessary, each participant could receive individual advice from our instructors in order to correct their posture defects, or simply to improve comfort and ease. And throughout the week, we will use as tools of transformation the cushion, the chair or the step, the inspiring words, the silent word and solitude...

Although widely launched, this invitation is essentially aimed at any person who already has a good knowledge of the key principles of meditation and an experience of meditative practice, solid and regular... because only such preparation can lead them to get the most out of this retreat, Calm and Clear.


Please note that this event is offered in French only... so please have a look on the French language page for more information.