A Time to Meditate

Meditating is not, getting used to is.


For several months, and now without intermission, Rigpa has been respecting a well-established tradition by offering its members and students, without distinction, A time to meditate. This time, it is meditation sessions of calm abiding, sometimes also of contemplation inspired by the words of a great master. Despite the distance, the soothing effect of the group of practitioners is inevitably felt : experienced and novices, all together, guided by the host of the moment.

The sessions of A time to meditate are a gentle gateway to Tibetan Buddhist meditation, and an opportunity to form a good habit. Without constraint or obligation, everyone comes according to their availability and interest.

For participants who would be on their first visits, and who would like to, we suggest viewing a few video excerpts as a preparation. Designed by Rigpa International a dozen years ago, these videos very succinctly present an introduction to the real meaning of meditation as well as the postures to be favored, that of the body and that of the mind.


on what meditation really is just click here => https://www.rigpa.org/what-meditation-really-is#WMRIintrovideos

Please note that these sessions - just a few words - are offered in French only... so please have a look on the French language page for more information.